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   standard korean beautyDear clients! We are proud to introduce you our new medical tourism destination Seoul, South Korea traveling from Dubai. South Korea is well known for beauty treatments, plastic surgery, immunotherapy and total health screening conditions. 

   You just need to visit our office in Dubai and we’ll direct contact best clinics in Seoul. We’re ready to assist you with all information about treatments, get into contact with right doctor, provide you invitation letter to visit South Korea, book your accommodation, date and time of consultation. You can rely on us during consideration what do you need to improve in your beauty and health!

What is medical tourism? Medical tourism is motivated way to get an access to new technologies, comparative rates and excellent services. We would like to stress that you have to pay all treatments direct to clinic, but we’re here for you to support you with all services during your trip.
   It’s very important for us to make our clients happy. If our clients are happy with treatment, it means we did our job well.


What we offer?

Plastic Surgery South Korea5

Beauty therapy and cosmetic surgery 

We offer you to visit one of the best clinics in Seoul JK plastic surgery center which provides high quality standard services:
• Anti-aging treatments as non-invasive lifting, gold lifting, smile lift, endoscopic lifting and many more treatments we’re happy to give more information about
• Facial contouring
• Body contouring
• Hair transplant



Cure infections and cancer with your own cells! Immunotherapy is a personalized anti-cancer treatment, which reduces patients' pain and increases the treatment effect to improve patients' quality of lives.
What can you expect during cancer immunotherapy? It’s personalized anti-cancer treatment, which collects about 20 ml of blood sample from cancer patients for treatment, separates immune cells, and goes through special process in order to activate immune cells’ effect by making them selectively react only to cancer cells and increase the number of immune cells over hundreds of times
What are advantages of cancer immunotherapy?
• It kills cancer cells with patients’ own immune cells
• It eliminates residual cancer cells after surgery
• It prevents a recurrence of cancer
• It only attacks cancer cells
• It only has minor side effects during treatment
• It can be combined with other chemotherapies
• It improves patient’s quality of life

Kidney and liver transplant on highest standards

One of the best hospitals in Seoul for organ transplant is Myongji Hospital. Operating from 1987, hospital has 249 doctors and 452 nurses, 31 clinical departments and 17 special clinics. With very successful practice over 30 years in kidney and liver transplant, hospital offers health services in bellow departments:
• Gastroenterology
• Rheumatology
• Infection
• Cardiology
• General Surgery
• Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
• Family Medicine

Therefore- foreign patients may receive a VAT refund on surgery expenses.

Complete checkup and health screening
Do you care about your health? We think it might be a time for full checkup getting know that your body is healthy and you can carry on your everyday life with smile!

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